Membership VS Drop in Shooter

2019 Matches and Future Matches will be scaled the following ways.

Members – Members will be given points for the match, Members will be automatically allowed to participate in the Final Match at the end of the year. Only Members will be allowed to Walk the prize table after the final match is complete.

Prizes will go to the following:

Top Shooter of 2019 (points based)

Top Shooter of the Finale
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5 Place etc…etc….

Non-Members – You are allowed to compete at two levels,
1. Stages and Times will be the same as Members. you’ll be held to the same standards. If you do not want to compete for points or become a member of NDPR, You will still be given points but will not be allowed to walk the Prize Table at the finale. We do this because MEMBERS support ND Precision Rifle prizes, range steel, and barricades. We encourage everyone become a member because it will only make our matches better.

2. You will not be timed, no stress, just plain old shooting. You will not build points doing this.


If you’d like to become a member, please head over to our forum to register and upgrade to Membership Status.

You can also become a member the “Day of” the match. You previous points will not be counted, but points forward will be counted to the Finale.



This of course, is decided by ND PR members, If you have comments or concerns please let us know.




Any questions please contact us on the Forum – User Chris Cook

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