We have finally made it through 2020. The shooting season of 2020 had many obstacles it had to overcome due to shutdowns, restrictions etc.

ND Precision Rifle took this time to organize the .22 program. We will be opening registration for the youth league. This year we are hoping to reach the goal of 20 youth shooters. If we get more that will be fantastic. Our plans are to meet twice a month for instruction and mini-matches. Please stay tuned to our website for registration information.

The .22 Adult league will also take off at the same time of the .22 Youth League. We will have matches twice a month, and possibly extra matches sponsored by other ND Precision Rifle MD’s that want to host the match.

This year is going to be difficult with ammunition shortages. We are going to focus on .22 matches this year and still of course host our Border Wars Match in July.

We are adding a function to our matches that hopefully will help bring in new shooters. If you are a new shooter, and you have not attended one of our matches you can have the option of being a “shadow” shooter. Your scores will not be published or towards points for the season. The cost of the match will be reduced to 50% for shadow shooters.

We want to everyone to come out and see what we do, and not have the pressure of a “match” or competition.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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