Youth Academy

    Yes! The Youth Academy is still on track. The youth academy has ran into several funding issues for the rifles/optics. We are not compromising on sub-par equipment that will create bad habits to our young students.

    If you’re in the industry, you know that due to recent events the firearms market has exploded or vanished in some sense. We have had trouble obtaining the CZ rifles that we picked for the .22 youth program. If you’re interested in donating to help support our program, please contact us at

    The Youth program will start with our without all of our rifles. We will have to improvise, adapt and overcome this small set back. We have donated all of our Target/Target stands to the Painted Woods Sporting Range to help support their BRAND NEW .

    22 range. If you have questions regarding the .22 Range contact Jimmy or Jen at Painted Woods Sporting Complex.


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    Youth Academy

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