Upcoming MatchAugust Monthly Match/August 24, 2019/Painted Woods Sporting Complex
Upcoming MatchAugust Monthly Match/August 24, 2019/Painted Woods Sporting Complex

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2019 Border Wars Match Book

  Border Wars Rifle Series June 15, 2019 Painted Woods Sporting Complex 5050 145th Ave NW, Williston, ND 58801 Match Director: Chris Cook – 701-609-9815 Shane Myers – 701-570-2815 Match...
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NRL / Border Wars

We have joined the movement to push for Shooters to join the NRL/Border Wars Series. Why? Border Wars will continue to sponsor/bring matches to North Dakota if we produce memberships/shooter...
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Training / Matches

We have been tossing the idea around to add a couple hours of training after our monthly matches. We wouldn’t be “giving away” the course, or giving anyone the advantage...
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August Monthly Match

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2019 Match Results

Border Wars - Williston

1Jim Jundt58100
2David Rohrich5898.28
3Ross Schoenwald6.5 Creedmoor5296.56
4Ryan Kristy5094.84
5Kerry Thompson4993.12
6Daron Burckhard4891.4
7Kyle Winkler4189.68
8Tyler Halverson4087.96
9Doug Smith4086.24
10Michael Steiner3281.08
11Dustin Woodcock3179.36
12Wade Hughes6.5x473077.64
13Casey Arnold2975.92
14Patrick Eldringhoff2774.2
15Josh Gregoire2572.48
16Joe Monico2470.76
17Jon Ike2169.04
18Brad Cook6.5 Creedmoor1967.32
19Zack Uband1865.6
20Robert Ray1763.88
21Jeff Winslow1462.16
22Tony Espeland360.44
23Eric Senf00
24Chris Cook.308 Win00
25Shane Myers.308 Win00
26Heather Cook.224 Valkyrie00
27Adam Pribula00
28Jason Nichols00
29Robert Feldhaus00

Border Wars – McVille

David Rohrich6BRA6188.64
Daron Burckhard5985.23
Jim Jundt5884.09
James Staub5778.41
Ross Schoenwald5575
Kerry Thompson5372.73
Tyler Halverson4768.18
Dejay Berger3862.5
Eric Senf3761.36
Wade Mutschelknaus3456.82

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