The LWRC .224 Valkyrie

I’ve had the opportunity to checkout the new LWRC .224 Valkyrie rifle they released earlier this year. LWRC had a few set backs during R&D stage. This resulted the rifles...
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Membership VS Drop in Shooter

2019 Matches and Future Matches will be scaled the following ways. Members – Members will be given points for the match, Members will be automatically allowed to participate in the...
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Training / Matches

We have been tossing the idea around to add a couple hours of training after our monthly matches. We wouldn’t be “giving away” the course, or giving anyone the advantage...
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Precision Rifle Matches

2019 Season

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Precision Rifle Training

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Shooter Scores

VFW Precision Rifle Field Match

David Rohrich6mm Dasher62
Ross Schoenwald6.5 Creedmoor58
Henry Cadle58
James Staub6.5 Creedmoor52
Jim Jundt6.5 Creedmoor50
Shawn White48
Daron Burckhard45
Lucas Gjovig44
Dejay Berger41
Casey Arnold29
Jason Geidl6.5 Creedmoor27
Jake Olson6.5 Creedmoor26
Wade Hughes6.5x4724
Doug Fegley.308 Win24
Mike Mesessa.308 Win21
Wyatt Moen.223/5.5620
Derek Kipperberg.308 Win19
Kelly Moody.223/5.5614

2018 Shooter Ranking

ShooterMember StatusPoints
Henry CadleNon-Member82
Ross SchoenwaldNon-Member79
James StaubNon-Member72
Dejay BergerNon-Member67
David RohrichND Precision Rifle Member62
Jim JundtNon-Member50
Shawn WhiteNon-Member48
Daron BurckhardNon-Member45
Lucas GjovigNon-Member44
Dave TeigenNon-Member41
Richard LynnNon-Member36
Jason GeidlNon-Member33
JD HammerschmidtNon-Member30
Casey ArnoldNon-Member29
Doug DollNon-Member28
Jake OlsonNon-Member26
Joe FritzNon-Member26
Kyle WinklerNon-Member25
Wade HughesNon-Member24
Reece BielNon-Member24
Doug FegleyNon-Member24
Duke HammerschmidtNon-Member23
Mike MesessaNon-Member21
Wyatt MoenNon-Member20
Dale BergerNon-Member19
Michael SteinerNon-Member19
Derek KipperbergNon-Member19
Luke MarmanNon-Member18
Kevin StaubNon-Member17
Wade MutschelknausNon-Member15
Kelly MoodyNon-Member14
Justin CarboneNon-Member14
Tyrel LynnNon-Member13
Ethan RodneNon-Member12
Curtis SchulerNon-Member10
Isaiah MerritNon-Member9
Troy BargmanNon-Member9
Andrew SmithNon-Member9
Gary NunbergNon-Member8
Ethan SchiradoNon-Member7
Janell BargmanNon-Member6
Scott DesserNon-Member5
Rich NunbergNon-Member4
Ryan NunbergNon-Member4
Ryan GuggenbergerNon-Member3
Jerry ObrigewitschNon-Member3
Rob RayNon-Member2

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From Instagram

  • Sunday Special. Since we didn’t get a chance to attend the #badlandssteelchallenge due to unexpected responsibilities. I had to take the shorty out for 800 yard stroll in the rain. #ndprecisionrifle #precisionrifle #northdakota #fixerupper #chipandjoannaaregoingtolovethewall #hashtag #thunderbeast #accuracyinternational #nightforce
  • Men’s shirts are in! They turned out great, we are taking preorders for the next batch. Takes about two weeks to get to your door as we are just getting started! $30.00 a shirt! Help support local matches near you! Send us a message if you’re interested to buy one! #ndprecisionrifle #swag #northdakota #prs #precisionrifle #nrl #snipershide
  • Giving the old .308 some love after the new 6.5 puppy came home...
#oldestchild #accuracyinternational #thunderbeast #nightforce #ndprecisionrifle #tikkataca1
  • New tools of the trade. #tremor3 #leupold #tikkataca1 #ndprecisionrifle
  • Distance 1010 yards Drill. Standing behind rifle, shooter has 60 seconds to engage three rounds on target from prone. 
4.5 inch group, rifle accuracy international AI AT. Ammo box 175 SSA. Barrel stock AI 24 inch. Wind 4-6 mph. Exotic reloading and rounds don’t mean anything unless you can run the rifle under pressure in a real world environment. Benches are for bus stops.
#ndprecisionrifle #elr #trainhard #provinggrounds #walkyourtalk #accuracyinternational
  • ND Precision Rifle Crew on the range training with the 300 Win Mag. We live and breathe this. That’s why we set the standard. #pissongolf #getoutandtrain #ndprecisionrifle #ifyourenotfailingyourenottraining
  • Getting ready for our next ELR match. If we can’t shoot it, why would we expect you to? #proveit #walkingourtalk  #ndprecisionrifle #elr #remington700 #accuracyinternational #mark4
  • Things just got real at ND Precision Rifle. We don’t only run bolts, we can flip switches too. Name the gun?
#ndprecisionrifle #pewpewpew #brrraaaapbrrraaaap #dontbanusfacebook
  • Accushot challenge results. I want to thank the 2nd place shooter of this stage for being a gentleman and good sport for supporting our decision. It came down to breaking the line. Literally 1/4 millimeter!